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I have been a wedding photographer in Brisbane for 9 years now, and I am as excited about wedding photography now, as I was when I started. To be tasked with the responsibility of capturing the emotion, laughter and fun of a couple’s wedding through their wedding photography is something I am very lucky to be given the opportunity to do. There is nothing else I can imagine that I would rather be doing!


I started my photography journey in High School… developing those Black and Whites seems so long ago. I maintained an interest throughout my 20′s before being inspired by works I viewed at a small bridal expo… In that moment, I knew what it was that I was going to do with my career.

I love the excitement of capturing the emotion of the Bride when she see her Dad before leaving for the ceremony or meets her Groom in front of all her family, the anticipation of what may happen next?

I aim to capture the story of the day and most importantly… the detail, whether it be with still photography or video / cinematography. I definitely believe in taking images of the day as it happens naturally. I do not stage too much. I prompt if necessary… but that is about it!

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