Wedding video and cinematography


We are professional wedding Video and Cinematographers based in Toowoomba. Each of us with over 10 years experience. Film the Bride has been employed in excess of 500 weddings in Toowoomba and on the Darling Downs and surrounding areas including Brisbane. To be tasked with the responsibility of capturing the emotion, laughter and fun of a couple’s wedding through their wedding movie is something we are very lucky to be given the opportunity to do.

Film the Bride will capture your day how you would like to remember it. If given free reign, we will capture the vast majority of the day candidly with no ‘setting up’.

We only have 1 Package for Cinema/Video. It is a Same Day Edit package.

We will film your wedding and produce a movie ‘show reel’ about 5 minutes in length.

We will show this at your reception via projection for you and your guests to enjoy.


What will we use on your day to shoot your wedding with you might ask?

We use Nikon + Canon and only other quality equipment to ensure a high quality production.



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